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Good Rebels!

Everyone has convictions of what’s true to them, they hold onto a way of life, a system, it can be a wide range of things. When someone comes along and presents a different way of life or system, we react, either in the positive or negative.

The majority of people fall in the “reactive” category. Unfortunately if you fall in the reactive group, chances are you’ve done more harm than good if your reaction was done through negative energy, being reactive in this way hurts everyone involved.

What Might Be The Cause?

Sometimes we don’t know why we’ve become so reactive. Over time we develop bad habits, some alien ones that don’t even make sense to us. As we age we develop phobias. I think it’s safe to say that many of us accept these changes and welcome them, not really understanding fully the impact that it will have on our lives.

I believe the answer for many is simple, it’s as simple as breathing and eating. For others it can be a little more complicated but if you look into their daily activities, or lack thereof, and poor eating habits it becomes clear. I’m not implying that this is the sole cause of our dilemma but what I am saying is, it is a contributing factor of why we feel the way we feel and why we react the way we react!

What Do We Have To Change?

For starters, what we have to do is change our way of life, our way of thinking, we have to become a “rebel” against the old life of bad habits, the bad habits that re-programmed us. Change the food you eat, change your life, change the water you drink, change your life, change the books you read, change your life…..”junk in junk out”

Be a “Health Rebel” for good! This website will hopefully be a useful tool for better health and wellness. Come back soon for more!